Removing The Stress From Buying A Property

It is reported buying a property is one of the most stressful experiences you can encounter, needing various elements to come together at the same time so you can exchange contracts and move on  to completion.

The minimum required is your finance (whether raising or mortgage or funding via other options), conveyancing and a survey. 

Depending on the property you are looking to purchase, you may also need other specialists such as a Structural Engineer or Damp and Timber specialist.

Presently, you would need to carry out your own research for each necessity, obtaining quotes and finding the right fit for your personal cost and requirements. 

This is both laborious and time consuming, which could be even more stressful if you are working to a a tight timescale.

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 Advice for a first time buyers in Surrey and South East

Whether you are a first-time buyer, portfolio builder or buying your dream family home, My Property PA offers a service which takes the hassle out of buying your new home. We provide a one-stop introductory service to cover any element, bringing them all together under one umbrella.  



Working with our approved partners allows you to enable a stress-free and efficient exchange of contracts and completion of your purchase.

Utilising our 16 years in the property industry enables us to find the perfect fit for you, holding your hand throughout the entire process and saving you time, money and stress. We offer an infinitely flexible and bespoke service based upon your unique requirements. We listen to your concerns and worries, addressing any questions you may have, meaning we offer a totally unique service to you.  This could be as straight forward as introducing you to a mortgage advisor, surveyor or solicitor through to acting as a single point of contact on your behalf for a fully project managed service.


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Representing you as the Property Buyer

Underpinning our service is an unbiased, ethical and highly transparent approach which gives you peace of mind we are acting in your best interest only.  It is commonplace for referral or introductory fees to be paid between companies.  By not accepting or paying any form of introductory fee, we remain completely impartial meaning our focus is providing you with the best possible, honest advice.




Holding Your Hand Through the Maze of Buying a Property

  • Help you to locate and engage with trusted and experienced property specialists. We can introduce you to any property related specialists such as solicitors/conveyancers, surveyors, independent mortgage advisors, removal companies, damp and timber specialists, asbestos contractors, etc
  • Provide advice and guidance through the whole process, being on hand to address any concerns you have.  Despite it potentially being a daunting process, there is no thing as a silly question and we are always on hand to address your concerns


Infinitely Flexible

  • Whether you need help finding the right professional or just no-obligation advice, we would love to have a chat with you.  This is strictly confidential and our initial consultation is free of charge. If you choose to engage our services, we can connect you with the right people within your timescales.
  • We offer a flexible and bespoke service, from steering you in the right direction and offering advice through to a fully managed service whereby we act on your behalf throughout the property acquisition process. Being adaptable means we can offer as little or as much as you require. 






Possessing over 16 years in the property industry, we have built up a large network of trusted and reliable experts. All companies are vetted to ensure they possess the appropriate skill and experience to provide their services. We only introduce to companies who we have worked closely with previously so understand how each company functions.



We bring energy and passion to everything we do as buying a new home is an exciting time for anyone, which is especially the case if you are a first-time buyer, as this is a new experience.  By forming an open and honest relationship with you from the outset is incredibly important, as it allows us to respond to your needs. Like every property, each person’s journey is unique. We treat you as an individual, getting to know your preferences and concerns in order to help you complete on your next home.


Cuddle Factor

Purchasing a property can be a challenging  process as we typically only move a few times in our life.  There can be potential delays which, with the right knowledge and experience, can be dealt with calmly and easily. We serve as a reassuring point of contact throughout the entire process, deciphering all the jargon and minimising any delays.







Who we help

My Property PA caters for anyone buying a property in the UK, whether you are a first-time buyer struggling to understand what to do next, through to busy individuals who does not have the time or resources to find the right team to assist with their acquisition. 

We also look to develop a relationship with property developers, putting together a team of professionals to complete the transaction within the fastest timescale to allow you to maximise your rental income.

We are always free for a phone call about buying a new property. Whether you are a first time buyer, looking to expand your property portfolio or just want to have a friendly chat - reach out for a human conversation.

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Are you buying a new home but don’t know where to start? If so, get in touch with My Property PA for a no obligation chat.