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Our Approach

We often hear from clients how painstakingly long it can take to find a company capable of handling their property purchase with minimal stress. This is where My Property PA comes in.

By adopting our unique and refined method, we establish your exact requirements ahead of offering an infinitely flexible approach. Our team of specialists can have a no-obligation chat to point you in the right direction, introduce you to just one specific industry specialist, such as a property solicitor or mortgage advisor, as well as a fully-managed service whereby we co-ordinate all parties, enabling you to have peace of mind knowing everything has been taken care of.

Using our trusted network of skilled specialists, we obtain a minimum of three quotes for each required service, including their timescales. From this point onward, you decide the exact nature of our service.

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We can provide:







By using this approach, My Property PA is capable of assisting anyone from a first-time buyer, through to landlords looking to start or expand their business, as well as individuals who do not have the time to juggle their busy lives whilst trying to purchase a property.



Initial Consultation

During our initial call, we discuss the property you are looking to buy and address your core concerns. This is a no-obligation chat as we get as excited about your new home as you do! The conversation will cover issues like whether you have found a property, if you are raising a mortgage and do you need any guidance, what your timescales are and whether you have any particular priorities or preferences. This conversation helps us to build a precise picture as to what services you may require from My Property PA.

Using Our Services

We discuss with you the options which are available and which service(s) you would benefit from. We also look to ascertain your timescales and advise you of our fees to ensure you have total transparency from the outset.  

For those looking for a budget conscious solution but still want the Cuddle Factor, we offer an advisory service only, being available to coach you through the process of purchasing a property.  Additionally, we have 3 recommended levels of service, which are infinitely flexible to your needs so we can tailor to your needs:





Introductory Level:

Approach 3 mortgage advisors, suveyors and solicitors to obtain their quotes and timescales

  • Provide you with quotes from each of the experts
  • You engage with the separate providers directly



All of the services included with our Introductory package and:

  • Engage external supplier on behalf of client (you will have a relationship with suppliers directly)
  • Telephone support to our client to the point of completion



All of the services included with our Intermediate package and:

  • Project manage on behalf of client, holding money in a client account and engaging with external suppliers
  • Provide updates on an agreed timescale to client and other external suppliers
  • Other ad hoc services as agreed in writing





Why My Property PA?

Anyone purchasing a property, whether a first-time buyer or a seasoned individual, quickly discovers it's a time consuming and stressful situation, even with the simplest of purchases.  Anyone involved in the process, from estate agents and solicitors, through to surveyors and financial advisors, take a considerable amount of time guiding the client through the path of their specialism, time which could be spent on more productive activities. 




Where My Property PA Helps.

My Property PA was created solely to focus on helping and coaching the property buyer through their very personal journey, answering any questions they may have and recommending which companies are best suited to their unique situation as each buyer is different. By offering a bespoke approach, we tailor of our service, providing something as simple as an introduction, through to complete project management to completion on behalf of the client, meaning there is a just one point of contact. 

Our service is ideal for first time buyers for whom the whole process can be daunting and intimidating.  We are available to hold their hand, answer any questions they have, reassure and guide them through the process.  This leads to quicker decisions being made, client confidence to proceed and time savings for everyone.  We’re happy to have a chat with any purchaser, even before an offer is accepted, to offer our industry knowledge of all property related matters.

For the busy individual, we can manage the entire process, being the central point of contact thus allowing them to be able to get on with their life with the minimum of disruption.  We are happy to work alongside their existing team of advisors, should this be requested.

Our involvement from the early stages means people can get their new home without the hassle.

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Get your new home without the hassle of navigating the property market by calling on the services of My Property PA.